“In the art business, repeat clients keep you alive. The best way to make a repeat client out of a beginning collector is to sell that collector a work of art that looks better and better after he or she takes it home. The American public thinks price is the most important part of buying a work of art. Sometimes it seems like all you ever hear from clients is that they want great pieces at bargain prices. That makes no sense. The best cars cost more than mediocre cars. The best real estate costs more than mediocre real estate. Whose idea was it that the best art should come cheap? The thrill of getting a bargain lasts a few hours. The satisfaction of owning something beautiful and authentic lasts a lifetime. Quality has always been the ultimate good deal."

- Joshua Baer

A Navajo Manta with a Bow Pictorial and Two Arrow Pictorials, Navajo, circa 1880; and a Sabino Dowry Chest, Colonial Mexico, circa 1750, in the main gallery at Joshua Baer & Company.

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